Transparency Int boss pledges to curb graft if selected

Transparency International boss Samuel Kimeu has vowed to take the fight against corruption to the electoral commission if he is appointed a member.

Mr Kimeu, who was the third candidate on the short-list to be interviewed today, said he would use the experience garnered in his role at the anti-graft lobby to bring back credibility to the commission.

The TI executive director said it was paramount for every stakeholder to play their role to ensure that there was accountability and credibility in the electoral body, adding that the fight against graft entails changing values and ethics of the society.

When asked by a member of the panel, Mr Evans Monari, what he thought about “parallel tallying” proposed by political parties, Mr Kimeu said it would not be a threat, as long as credibility of IEBC was ensured.

“Parallel tallying cannot be a threat to the integrity of the elections, and as long as the electoral body will be able to detect and rectify any problem that arises, it will be no issue,” he told the panel.

The panel’s chairperson, Ms Bernadette Musundi, chose not to pose any questions to Mr Kimeu, saying she had worked closely with him in different capacities.

A panelist, Bishop David Oginde, asked Mr Kimeu what he thought of the use of technology during elections.

He said it was good but could be messy in case of a breakdown.

“There could be a failure in either of the three levels: registration, voter identification and transmission, and so there should be the option of having to switch to manual systems,” he said, citing the last General Election where the system was overwhelmed by transmission of votes.

Asked why he had not registered with the Law Society of Kenya despite being a lawyer, Mr Kimeu said he had never needed to since he does not practice and does not go to court.

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