Tough rules for Kenyan varsity managers

xatastqfcd1fyv158f84d6ad2992 Tough rules for Kenyan varsity managers

Vice chancellors who mismanage public universities are in trouble as the Government now says they can be fired before expiry of their term.

The newly-constituted universities councils have been asked to ensure all VCs sign specific performance targets that will be reviewed yearly to determine the fate of the top university managers.

Head of governance and management services at the State Corporation Advisory Committee (SCAC), Simon Indimuli, said it will no longer be business as usual.

“Currently, VCs only rely on their service contract. When someone is appointed, they start sleeping on the job until the end of their five-year term. This must stop,” Mr Indimuli told a meeting of University Councils.

He said in addition to the service contract, councils must have a session with the VCs and sign specific targets which they must agree on together.

“If the VC says he will generate Sh50 million and he/she only manages Sh10 million, then at the end of the year, you must have a sitting and agree that this is what you pledged to deliver but you did not manage,” said Indimuli.

He said the contract of a VC may be terminated on basis of failing to meet agreed targets. “It must not wait till the end of service contract,” he said.

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