Top Ambassador Slaps Former Presidential Candidate Nazlin Umar Over Attacks On Raila, It Was Bad, Very Bad.


“Allow me ma’am to have this chat with you Ms Nazlin Umar. First as a fellow woman, a professional colleague both in academia and diplomacy, I would request that we keep this civil and address the elephant in the room.

Fact, at some point during your public or private discourse you were close to Raila Odinga as colleagues in the change agenda. Fact, your proximity to Raila Odinga enabled you to attract public limelight as a woman crusader. Fact, you fell out with Raila Odinga under circumstances that are not clear but it was sudden and timely. Fact, you have taken it upon yourself to continuously and with such vigor attack Raila in all manner, facts or lack of it thereof notwithstanding. Decorum aside and opting to preoccupy your arguments with innuendos, conjecture and sarcasm, you have come out more as a sore none benefactor of some deal.

This has brought you to the public limelight once again and begs the question(s): Could it not be prudent and just if you could furnish your audience with the genesis of your fallout with RAO so as to justify your diatribe. We your audience do not know how you became RAO’s supporter nor how you later inverted and turned to Saul of the bible, maybe you could seriously consider furnishing your sometimes gullible social media users how this transition took place, you see some of us have been around and have the political analogy of every major players lest yours.

As an opinion shaper among women, mostly young women, you find yourself in an enviable position where your words are law to most women who would aspire to excel in public/professional life but sadly your comments fall short of inspiring them, inside you come out as bitter, vindictive vengeful and lack tact and decorum.

Lastly my dear sister, Raila bashing has now become the modus operandi for those who want to attract the eye of RAO’s opponents who are in power, this has been perfected by all and sundry in the political chasm that divides RAO’s doctrine and that of the status quo. You are not the first nor will you be the last in this endeavor.

Finally as a good moslem that you are, speak your truth calmly, you will be more effective that way and remember most women know the difference. Thank you for your time.”


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