Top 10 highest paid jobs for women – here’s the industries offering a better deal

It’s shocking that a gender pay gap still exists and that 80 percent of industries are guilty of paying men more than women for doing the same job.

But there is a tiny glimmer of hope as the wage gap is at its lowest since records began, at 18.1 percent.

And there are industries where things are more equal with a less than 10 percent difference in pay – and jobs where women can earn more than men.

Research for commercial property firm has revealed the highest paid jobs for women.

The biggest percentage of these industries, 40 percent, require an educational background that involves a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subject.

This is an area that is constantly being pushed to try and encourage more girls to study STEM subjects after the age of 16 to bridge the gender gap of workers.

Jobs in IT are the best paid for women with an impressive yearly salary of £67,767 for those who reach director level.

But females make up less than a quarter of the IT workforce.

So, where should women head for the best paid jobs?

1. IT and telecommunications directors

Earnings: £67,767 – 6.7 percent less than men

2. Advertising and public relations directors

Earnings: £58,403 – 8 percent less than men

3. Train & tram drivers

Earnings: £48,537 – 0.7 percent more than men

4. Taxation experts

Earnings: £45,279 – 2 percent more than men

5. Electrical engineers

Earnings: £44,538 – 3.7 percent more than men

6. Purchasing managers

Earnings: £41,212 – 8.7 percent less than men

7. Human resources managers & directors

Earnings: £41,163 – 8.7 percent less than men

8. Legal professionals

Earnings: £40,871 – 10.3 percent less than men

9. Higher education & teaching professionals

Earnings: £38,210 – 8.6 percent less than men

10. Secondary education & teaching professionals

Earnings: £33,523 – 6.4 percent less than men

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