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Tomorrow Never Comes. Let Us Live For Today.

By Sheillah Maonga
Lifestyle Writer, KDRTV.

Someone wise once defined tomorrow as that mystical land whereby 99% of people’s dreams, activities, motivations and achievement is stored.

It did make me think of all the times I have decided to put off doing something today and promised myself that I’ll do it tomorrow.  How many of us are guilty of this? How many of us are kings and queens of procrastination? How many of us have fallen for tomorrow instead of today?
What’s the lure that tomorrow has that today doesn’t?
That phone call to a loved one that we haven’t talked  to in a while – we know we ought to call them to catch up- why do we decide to do it tomorrow instead of today?
That email of apology to an acquaintance we slighted, why do we say we will write it tomorrow, yet our conscience is being pricked now?
That application to our dream job, why do we say we will submit it tomorrow? Why not do it today?
That exercise programme we have been eyeing for awhile, why do we say we will sign up tomorrow instead of now?
That change in lifestyle that we know is needed urgently in our lives, why do we postpone it to tomorrow’s start date in favour of today’s?
That book we have wanted to write from childhood; we know the story is rich and ripe and wants to come out of us and be shared with the world. Why is the story still buried deep within us waiting for tomorrow when we will start jotting it down?
That place we have always wanted to visit; that place that sounds so magical in our heads and brings nostalgia to us, even though we are yet to visit. That place that’s on our bucket list – why haven’t we gone yet? Why do we say that tomorrow is a better day to go?
All those miles and miles of words we want to say to people today, for they need to hear them, why do we convince ourselves to wait until tomorrow to say them?
All those mountains and mountains of tasks that we want to accomplish here and now, why do we talk ourselves out of it and hope that tomorrow is the day we  will start climbing them?
These are too many questions that I’ve been meaning to ask but always waited for tomorrow to ask them.
I realize that tomorrow never comes.
Tomorrow is a fallacy. It shifts its goalposts time and time again. So, my advice to you is that forget about tomorrow. Think of today, for it is present with us here. So, if there is anything that can be done today; then let us do it today. Let us show procrastination where to go. Let us not waste valuable time waiting for a tomorrow that never comes.

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