Tips To Success Anti-IEBC Demonstrations Tomorrow Across The Republic

By H Omollo

The Kenyan people ,tired of rigged elections and illegitimate authority obtained through fraud come out tomorrow to exercise the right to picket as outlined in our constitution under article 37.

As we plan to be on the streets tomorrow,let us remember that its numbers that matter.
We must therefore come out in large numbers.

I am a resident of Kisumu and NASA should mobilize all its bastions to be on the streets tomorrow .
Successful peaceful mass protests require numbers and clear direction and control. This must be coordinated early enough.
So as we plan to have a controlled protest, so should we work on information dissemination and coordination of activities.
I expect Kisumu team to have a protest route that begins at Kondele and ends up at IEBC offices with a clear petition delivered.
Similarly I expect the people of Nairobi to begin theirs in a similar way say from Uhuru park or Kibera grounds all the way to anniversary towers.

For those in Mombasa the same should begin from Mama Ngina drive all the way to IEBC offices wherever they are. Same to Kakamega,Busia,Machakos,Bungoma etc.
If all major towns do the same then we will have sent a strong message.

In order to reduce casualties from the repressive regime, a few lessons are essential to the members of the public. Rule number one, do not agree to scatter. Stick together always , this reduces incidences of police shooting. Secondly mobilize in very large numbers. The bigger the crowds the more scared the law enforcers in breaking up the protests.
Finally have peace marshals amidst the crowd to help deal with bad elements in the crowd.

I will be in my sneakers tomorrow . I am ready for my country, are you ?


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