Three suspected thugs shot dead in Nairobi

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Three suspected thugs were shot dead in two separate robbery attempts Monday in the war on crime in Nairobi.
Police say they recovered two pistols from the slain men, who were aged 18, 23 and 25.

The first incident happened in Mowlem area, Dandora in the city where one suspect was killed by police after a brief chase.
Police say a gang had been attacking and robbing residents when an alarm was raised alerting police who were on patrol.
Nairobi police boss Japheth Koome described the slain man as young and trigger happy.
The second incident happened in Kayole where two suspects were killed by police in a botched robbery. The gang had been attacking locals when police were called by the victims. Koome said the officers recovered a pistol that had five bullets from the slain man.

Up to 15 suspects have been killed in the last two weeks in separate incidents in the war on crime. The gangs are blamed on some of the most violent crimes. On Sunday a shop attendant was shot dead inside his shop by gunmen who grabbed an unknown amount of money in Nairobi’s Kayole area.
The victim identified as Victor Abade, a father of two was attending to two men who had posed as customers wanting to deposit money at his Mpesa shop when he was shot twice at close range.
He and his wife ran Mpesa and boutique shops in the area.
Police say he was shot in the chest and died instantly before the gang grabbed unknown amount of money and escaped. No arrest has been made so far.
At the weekend, six suspects were killed in separate incidents as police moved to contain the incidents.
Police patrols have been intensified in the city as part of efforts to contain armed and violent robberies on the rise. Most of the incidents are being committed by young gangs operating in Eastlands.

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