Three arrested and 477 stolen TV sets recovered in Kiambu

Three suspects were arrested and 477 TV sets valued at more than Sh20 million recovered in a police operation in Marurui, Kiambu County.

Some 100 sets are missing and a search for them is ongoing. The 577 sets valued at Sh25 million were stolen from a store in Industrial Area on Friday night, when a gang tied up guards on duty before loading the TV sets onto a waiting lorry.

According to police, the guards were not injured.

Embakasi Directorate of Criminal Investigations boss Peter Ndubi said they were looking for three more suspects in connection with the recovery. He added a search for the missing TV sets was ongoing.

“The stolen TV sets were mostly the Samsung model; we are looking for the missing ones,” he said.

He warned the public against buying TV sets from unscrupulous sellers as that would amount to handling stolen goods.


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The recovered sets will be used as exhibits before being handed over to the owner.

Meanwhile, three suspects were arrested and more than 12,000 litres of adulterated oil, 8,000 litres of diesel and a lorry impounded in a police operation on illegal fuel centres in Juja, Kiambu County. Head of Special Crimes Prevention Unit Noah Katumo said another suspect is still at large.

“This is a big cartel selling dirty fuel to unsuspecting motorists and we are determined to stop the practice. Let motorists go to petrol stations for fuel,” said Mr Katumo.

This comes in the wake of revelations that many filling stations in the area are operating illegally. The Energy Regulation Commission has raised the alarm on this matter.

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