This Is The Only Way Out To Get Kenya Out Of Bloodshed Before 26th October

It was raining heavily when the bus driver saw this old man and three others waving him down. Thinking that the old man and his crew wanted a lift to the city, the driver decided to speed on.

Some twenty metres away he crashed the bus into huge rocks the old man’s crew had blocked the road with destroying the front of bus extensively.

The driver came out with the conductors armed with metal bars and attacked the old man’s crew breaking their arms and limps badly.

Afterwards the driver’s crew questioned them why they had blocked the road with huge boulders. Lying in blood groaning and moaning in the torrent of the rain, one of the badly injured men pointed ahead and muttered in a low voice “there is no bridge a head. It was cut off by the floods. We only wanted to save the lives of your passengers so that they all don’t perish”.

The bus driver’s crew ran ahead only to confirm the fact that there was no bridge and these villagers had actually saved the lives of the driver and all the sixty passengers on board.

What we need as a nation right now is for the business community, the religious leaders and other officials of the government like the intelligence officers to persuade the President to stop the bus.

The 26th October election is not a bridge to the return to normalcy but a broken bridge where Kenya may plunge into and lead to many years of grief and anguish.

The IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati has warned that the bridge is broken and doubts its credibility. Dr Roselyne Akombe revealed as much already.

I know no one may hear me on this but tomorrow I will tell the Bishops and senior clergy at their extraordinary crisis meeting.

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