This Is The Message Of Angry Kenyan Over Uhuru Double Standards, The Genisis Of A Failed State.

Double speak on Uhuru & Raila Insults

Just last week Moses Kuria said all manner of despicable things about Raila’s family including children.
Uthamaki and the STUPID media saw nothing wrong with it.

Today we are being treated to all manner of jingoism from the residents of Kiambu and Githurai as well as police nonsense .
Yes I repeat police nonsense in Kenya will one day come to an end and THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF KENYA….

The family of Uhuru can not be more important than the family of Raila.

The lives of protesters in Kiambu can not be more important than the lives of Kisumu residents who are killed and stashed in body bags ….

If you want to know the kinds of things that will break this nation into pieces it’s these double standards.
It hurts more because the media is equally very partisan….

It works me up so badly. But thank God we have an option to secede and leave this nonsense …

Leave Babu alone if this is the nonsense we want to entertain. If Kuria said today that Boinet should shoot Raila and they will bury him next week Monday . Is that a love message?

This partisan nation will soon part ways for good…


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