Things IEBC Chebukati Told Media That Are Disturbing to Uhuru Jubilee

My understanding of what Chebukati has said;

1. Chiloba must go, or I will resign.

2. I cannot deliver a credible election because I have no time and support, so I will resign.

3. But I want to meet Raila and Uhuru in person to explain this, so that we seek an extension with their support. This is the reason I am staying a few more days, before I resign.

4. Yes, I am under siege and there is no independence. I will not compromise my legacy as a father and standing as a lawyer. I’d rather resign.

5. Uhuru security people are holding my people hostage while Raila people are giving my staff goch Kisumu, so I will resign.

6. Technically I have resigned. But I am the only lawyer among the commissioners (that’s why I will mention “lawyer” countless times so you can read between the lines) and therefore the only commissioner qualified to be Chairman. If I resign while that character is only a caretaker ginene, I will throw the country into a crisis. But I will resign.

7. Many of you were waiting to hear me say I have resigned. Wait a little longer. I will resign.

8. Everything Akombe said was true. But she has a US passport which I don’t. If it was safer, I would resign.

9. I am giving a yellow card to both sides (of course I have forgotten I was forced to add the other five, so they are actually seven and not two) that if they don’t help me give them an election, I will resign.

10. The Supreme court told me I should carry out a proper election. Those who think I will just announce a fraudulent winner next week are mistaken. Because I will resign.

11. Commissioners are political and tribal voting robots that don’t see the merit in anything. They have defeated all my good intentions. So I will resign.

12. I already resigned. I am resigning now. And I will resign. I am seeking the support and sympathy of the Kenyan people so that my decision is not misconstrued as cowardice since they left me no option but to resign.


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