Thieves dig tunnel and steal Sh50 million from Thika KCB Bank

Kenya News:

Police are investigating a Sunday night theft of Sh50 million from the KCB Bank in Thika.

Following the heist, Kiambu County Police Commander Adiel Nyange said three people were Monday arrested.

According to the police, the robbers accessed the bank’s strong room through a huge underground tunnel and stole the money which was stored in two safes.

“They are believed to have used oxy-acetylene flame to drill holes into the safes,” said the police.

Police said the Thika KCB branch manager realised that the bank had been robbed at around 8am Monday when he opened the bank’s strong room.

“The robbers must have had an informer working at the bank who guided them into where the safes are kept.

“Investigations are ongoing,” said Thika Deputy Police Commander Bernard Ayoo.

Kenya News 

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