The Risk of not having Raila at the ballot

By the Banana Peddler.

You know why they are dying to have Raila at the ballot? If you don’t I’ll tell you.

The risk of going conducting an election where more than half of the country boycotts votting is grievous. If IEBC conducts an election where full participation is in Rift Valley and Central Kenya, it’ll draw a clear line on how Kenya is divided.

As a result, it’ll pave way for secession and make it stronger and presentable by providing a clear road map on how this nation should be divided. Raila will have clear evidence to present before African Commission of Human Rights.

Experts from Mt. Kenya know that fact and that is why they are compelling Raila to be on the ballot. Currently, no Jubilee is taking the secession debate seriously but wait until Baba calls for it. They’ll be all over crying.

See you in Canaan,

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