”The Pigs Are Mad That Other Animals Have Discovered The Joys Of Rolling In The Mud”- Hon Sifuna

By Edwin Sifuna via FB
It is either serious abdication of duty by the DPP or outright malicious connivance with the executive to abuse his prosecutorial powers in the manner charges are being laid against Hon. Babu Owino.

We know egos were seriously bruised by Babu’s alleged utterences and police power is being used to assuage their anger.

The pigs are mad that other animals have discovered the joys of rolling in the mud.

Using insults against other leaders is not right but let me reiterate that on this score, the rest of the country will follow the example Uhuru himself sets.

We have taken enough insults and must now cease our pretensions to morality, climb down, and meet the pigs in the mud baths.

Wakitupa tunatupa.


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