The Network:IEBC, USA, UK And The Supreme Court


So it’s come down to this: The US and the UK have not spoken​ since the astonishing confession By IEBC chairman Webukati that he cannot guarantee​ ​that the election slated for 26 October will be free and fair, that his own staff do not listen to him, and that he cannot see how we can hold an election ​”in which six million Kenyans who voted for Raila Odinga​ will feel disenfranchised.

The resigning IEBC Commissioner Roselyn Akombe’s comments were even more startling, including her view that “most Commissioners are keen to have an election even if it is at the cost of the lives of our staff and voters.”

​With their silence, the US and the UK are doing grave damage to their standing in Kenya and Africa​, and abetting the naked power grab by President Uhuru Kenyatta, who has shown repeatedly that he is determined to hold on to power at all costs. They are also undermining ​the ​cardinal values of democracy and the rule of law, and the free and fair elections upon which they, and the legitimacy of a Kenyan president, depend.

The deeply complex legal issues that surround the lawfulness of the 26 October are also far from resolved. In any event, the Supreme Court had warned that it would not hesitate to annul the new election if it too was not free and fair, as defined by the Constitution and the laws of Kenya. How will

​the Court​ treat a petition challenging the outcome of an election which the IEBC chairman has in advance said cannot be free and fair?
It is sheer madness to hold an election under such circumstances.

​Three days ago​, ​J​ubilee stalwarts such ​as ​Kabogo, Karua, Kabando, Mwiria and other leaders from outside the region warned that Kenya is on the “verge of disintegration” and a fresh presidential election plunge the country into violence as there is no confidence in the process.”
The US and UK intervened robustly after the rigged 2007 election caused mass violence

​​​. They gave full support to the ​successful ​Kofi Anna​n​-led negotiations​ that resolved the violence and also gave us the 2010 Constitution. Giv​en that two more rigged election have occurred since ​2007, and the polarization and the radicalization that have been growing daily since the 8th of August, this is an even more perilous moment for Kenya. The two countries cannot continue to back an election that will usher Uhuru back into power through the back door.
The African Union is the meantime seems to have no idea whatsoever on helping

​find a way out of the crisis.
Salim Lone, Adviser,
Nasa flag bearer Raila Odinga

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