The Jubilee Government has done little as far as their sports agenda is concerned

Uhuru, Ruto, Balala and Ngilu at the launch of jub

Back in February 2013, hundreds of Kenyans thronged Kasarani Gymnasium for Jubilee’s manifesto official launch as millions watched it live on television.

It was very important given it was one of the major coalitions in the last general election.

In a very colorful event, the party leader who is now President Uhuru Kenyatta outlined three main pillars (Unity, Economy, Openness) that would transform the life of Kenyans once they succeed Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga.

Arts, sports, and culture were the sub-themes under unity pillar. A lot of promises were made here and a good number of Kenyans who hold sports dearly hailed lots of praises for such a well-stipulated plan to take our arts and sport to another level.

It is very true that our collective love for sports is one of the strongest factors that unite us, so we cannot just sweep it under the carpet

 All we were to do is re-discover the potential in related sectors, for instance, in the sporting arena we are the world leaders in middle and long distance running- but look at the ‘Rio Fiasco’.

It just ruined our reputation at the global stage at 2016 Olympics. Up to now (five months later) no one has been brought to book.

Kenya Sevens has been posting poor results for quite some time now. Corruption and poor management has rocked the union.

You promised to lobby for Africa Cup of Nations(AFCON) 2019, too bad we have already lost the bid to Cameroon.

Hosting World Athletics Championships in 2019 was also in your plans, but probably this will not happen anytime soon.

Talents are all over, other sports such as swimming, cricket, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and hockey have totally been neglected.

They also need support from the Government if we want them to thrive.This will be possible because you promised to provide both the national teams and the domestic leagues with all the support they require while respecting their autonomy.

What happened to the establishment of youth development centers in all counties that will house a fully equipped library, an ICT hub, five sports pitches (football, swimming, basketball, netball volleyball) and a social hall?

 I have not heard of any county made any such strides in the last four years.

Rolling out a network of national academies for young people specialising in particular sports, establishing a series of national youths competitions, such as a national youth soccer tournament, so as to identify suitably skilled entrants for the academies.

All these brilliant pledges were in the manifesto. Nothing has happened so far.

Now that The African Nations Championship(CHAN) set to be held in Kenya next year, are we ready yet for the opportunities and challenges brought forth by the tournament?

Or are we going to withdraw hosting rights the last minute due to poor preparations?

You assured Kenyans that before the end of your tenure, you will build five new national sports stadia in Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Garissa while upgrading existing sporting facilities at the County level. This is yet to be witnessed.

We are happy for what you have achieved as far as sports issues are concerned, but most of Kenyans are genuinely irked for the empty promises.

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