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By Sheillah Maonga
Lifestyle Writer, KDRTV.

As we approach the end of the year, I am inclined to reflect on the year that was, as one does.  Not only on the highs and the lows (of which they tally in number), but also on the lessons that I’ll carry with me to the next year, Godwilling.

The most important lesson I’ll take away from this year is that of ‘time’. And indeed, as one year ends, and another one begins, the concept of time is brought into sharp focus.  This year has taught me a lot about time. Some of the lessons made for hard hearing and they (the lessons) did grate my soul for days on end.
I could summarise ‘time’ as this:
1.Time Is Precious
Time is so precious. It is a gift. It should be treasured. We experience life through time. To be alive is to have time. To be dead is to lack time. They say that the best gift you can give a loved one is your time. This is because you are giving them your most precious possession. As it is with precious things, we need to use time wisely. Let’s not waste it on meaningless pursuits. Let us treat it as one of life’s greatest gifts.
2. Time Is Equal
All of us, regardless of status, sex, gender, religious affiliation, race, tribe and economic status, have the same number of seconds, minutes and hours in a day. Time is given in equal portion to all of us. No one has more minutes in their hour than the other. Time is a great equaliser. One needs to invest time wisely as it ensures we all start from an equal platform.
3. Time Is Priceless
No one can buy time, no matter how rich or powerful or determined. If your time is up, it is up. There is no price on this earth that can buy you more time than what God has allocated for you.  Time has no price tag. It is not for sale. And it waits for no man.  As such, we should enjoy the moments under the sun that we have been given.
3. Time Is Not Guaranteed
We have no guarantee of the next minute. This year, the lack of guarantee has taught us valuable lessons  as a country. We have lost a lot of the nation’s stalwarts on a whim. It is worthy to note that we can be alive this second, this minute, this hour, this day and be as dead as a log the next second, the next minute, the next hour and the next day. That is why we should aim to live for now, for it is here with us. We shouldn’t postpone today for tomorrow, for that is not guaranteed.
4. Time Is Short
We have a limited amount of time on this earth. It is finite. The end will come to us one day. That end isn’t far off. But we don’t have to wait for that grand finale of our lives to appreciate the brevity of time. Every day that we live illustrates the brevity of time. Everyday, time goes by, without our willing it to do so, it just does. And with each passing minute, our lives become shorter. We need to utilise time for it passes through our fingers like water.
5. Time Is A Healer
As we go through life; it is inevitable to go through the curveballs that life throws  at us -and some come with no prior warning.  These challenges can come in the form of grief; loss; pain; illnesses; disappointments; betrayals and farewells. When we are going through a tough moment, the only remedy that has stood the test of time (pun intended) is time itself. With the passage of time,  those painful moments become bearable and the sting milder.
6.Time Cannot Be Rewound
Time moves forward. The seconds give way to minutes which give way to hours which give way to days which give way to weeks which give way to months which give way to years which give way to centuries and so on and so forth.  All this is time we can never get back. It goes away from us and goes forever.
7. Time Flies
One of all time favourite pastimes is looking at old photos. While scrolling through photo albums, I am caught by how time has flown by. The children are now adults, the adults now octogenarian and the octogenarian are now the deceased.  Time has flown by and within the blink of an eye, so many decades have come and gone. It does go quick, time does. Time is not static.  If we are not mindful of time, before long, we will be asking where did the time go.
As I wrap up, I leave you with this. Invest your time wisely. For it is precious, short and not guaranteed to be there tomorrow. The universal way of investing  your time wisely is by  spending it with loved ones. Such are moments that enrich our lives so and make our time so worth it. Enjoy your time as we go through the last weeks of 2017.

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