The Finally Curse Of Rigging Out Raila Catches Up With Hon Martha Karua, Statehouse Warns Her To Keep Off Ann Waiguru

By Dorcas S

What Goes Around Comes Around!

I read that the people of Kirinyaga are happy with Anne Waiguru’s election as their governor; this despite the fact that the former “whistleblower” was and remains the face of the missing millions at NYS and DevPlanning Department during her tenure as the CS.

Kirinyagans are apparently so enamored with “Annie” that some of them burnt an effigy of her main competitor during the just-concluded election – former “Iron Lady” Martha Karua – while blocking her from accessing the law courts in Kerugoya. Mwai Kibaki’s Justice Minister was attending a hearing for the petition she’d filed against the 2017 election of “Sweetie” as governor (of Kirinyaga).

It did not help Ms. Karua that she was accompanied to the courts by her lawyer Gitobu Imanayara who has played footsie with the “other side” i.e. NASA and its predecessor CORD.

So as I understand it, Ms. Karua oversaw the late-night surreptitious swearing-in of Mwai Kibaki back in 2007 when the late Samuel Kivuiti’s Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) “tharaka nithii’d” (yes I know, it is not a real word) Raila Odinga’s one million+ vote lead over Kibaki and spiraled Kenya into an orgy of post-election violence.

The former Justice Minister was apparently so proud of the role she played in rigging Kibaki into a second term that she evoked said role in Kenya’s period of infamy during a January 9th 2017 campaign event in Kirinyaga when she told those gathered that she “will protect Uhuru Kenyatta’s vote like she did Kibaki’s in 2007”!

Yes wanaKenya, Martha Karua is/was so proud of her role in the trigger event that started the chain of violence that claimed the lives of over 1200 Kenyans and displaced over 600,000 that she offered to duplicate the machinations in 2017 – this time for someone who was frog-matched to The Hague as a result of her 2007 skullduggery – Uhuru Kenyatta!

At the campaign rally, Ms. Karua went on to “thiano” – Luo for gloat – about how she had supervised Kibaki’s 2007 votes by asking the gathered whether they “found her a joke when working…..” – in this case to swear in a rigged-in presidential candidate!

I never thought I’d hear myself saying this but I am so glad “Sweetie” parlayed her “whistleblowing” chops into victory over Ms. Karua during last month’s gubernatorial race for Kiriniyaga County.

I am glad Karua failed in her efforts to “do for Uhuru what she did for Kibaki” because what she did for Kibaki cost Kenyans their lives and sense of normalcy – as tenuous as it was.

The Luos have an expression in response to the tribulations of the woman who abrogated her responsibilities as Kenya’s Justice Minister when Kenyans most needed it:

“Manyale” as in “Serves her right!”

It is uncanny how individuals who have at one time or another, double-crossed persons who pulled them from obscurity are now getting their comeuppance!

Caroline Mutoko, a has-been media personality who got pulled from obscurity by Uhuru Kenyatta in 2015 to serve as a board member of Kenya Institute of Mass Communication recently offered the view that “Uhuru should resign and hand over the presidency to Raila” because he, Raila, is “having fun on the back of Uhuru’s travails.”

Now that was funny but equally telling coming from “Caro”.

Funny because of the presumptuous tone and nature of Ms. Mutoko’s advise to the two – eti Uhuru should resign and “hand over the presidency…”

Girl please!!

Power does not give up power without a fight, oftentimes violently so, and if there is anyone who knows that it is UMK and those around him.

Caro’s advice was telling because for all the prognostications about Raila’s fate, future and foibles i.e. that he “is finished”, “wiru nefa plesident” or “is viorent”, the only person channeling Amy Winehouse is none other than the current sitting president, his family and his friends – thanks to the enigmatic Raila.

That for all his land, properties spread all around the world, business ventures and socio-political power, Uhuru is forever looking over his shoulder and reasserting/reaffirming/reminding those who care about his “power” and “authority” yet the man has been in power since 2013!

As much as I detest the expression, I have absolute “zero chills” for the likes of Ms Karua, Mr. Mwaura, Lawyer Paul Muite, “Pielo” or PLO and the other two-faced double-crossing opportunists who have demonstrated a penchant for pursuing personal glory and material gains instead of staking positions aimed at the greater good – on the back of, in the wake of or somewhere in RAO’s orbit!

“Schadenfreude” is the German word for the gloating and rejoicing one has over the misfortunes of others. There is a tinge of that when looking at what has befallen the likes of Martha Karua, but the Christian in me prevents me behaving thus.

So all I can do is write about it!

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