The choice between Karua and Waiguru is yours, Uhuru tells Kirinyaga

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 28 – NARC-Kenya party leader and former Justice Minister Martha Karua was not to be left behind on Wednesday as President Uhuru Kenyatta took the Jubilee Party campaigns to Kirinyaga County.

President Kenyatta could be seen in pictures, caught between her and his Jubilee Party candidate Anne Waiguru who previously served as his Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning.

And true to the maxim that a picture is worth a thousand words, President Kenyatta did not express unequivocal support for either one but rather took the safer route of giving area constituents the freedom to choose a governor of their choice and promising a cushy landing for whomever between them comes second in the August General Election.

“I am Jubilee and I am campaigning for the Jubilee candidate however both of them are your leaders and more so national leaders … You have a right to choose the person you want. Whoever you choose we will accept and the other one will be given a job by my government,” he said.

The question of the ‘six-piece’ has dogged both Jubilee and NASA party leaders on the campaign trail with the public objecting to having their votes – for the lesser seats – dictated to them as has traditionally been the practice.

Both Karua and Waiguru are formidable candidates with the former having been likened to the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher when she served in Kibaki’s cabinet while Waiguru has been compared to the phoenix rising from the ashes given her rally from the scandal that dogged her time as Minister – the Kirinyaga gubernatorial race widely viewed as her political rebirth and the party primary which she passed, a litmus test.

Whichever their preferred candidate, Karua or Waiguru, President Kenyatta urged Kirinyaga residents to make sure their voice is heard at the ballot and more specifically in their support for him given the threat, he said, the Opposition poses to what he counts as his accomplishments of the last four years.

Discrediting the manifesto the National Super Alliance launched on Tuesday, President Kenyatta gave by way of example, their plan to do away with the ‘laptop project’ should they succeed in ascending to power.

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