Tharaka man, 40, to walk to State House to gift Uhuru his only bull

A 40-year-old man from Nkondi village,Tharaka constituency has planned to trek from his home to State House to give President Uhuru Kenyatta his only bull.

Duncan Mutiria has said he is determined to walk about 500 kilometres away to Nairobi to personally present the bull.

“I want to thank President Uhuru Kenyatta. I have two daughters who will go to school free of charge courtesy of Jubilee government,” he said.

He also lauded the Jubilee administration for launching road works in Tharaka.

“We have been maginalised by other regimes but Uhuru’s government has been good to us,” he said.

He said the President showed humility by using the road during his Tharaka tour earlier this year.

“He even used roads without bridges and accessed paths that no other president has ever visited,” Mutiria said.

The peasant farmer said his happy his two daughters, who are in class eight, will reap from the secondary school fees waiver.

“That is why I want to reward Uhuru with my only bull,” the peasant, who will begin his journey on August 20, said.

He will be accompanied by two other people to lead the bull and carry the animal’s food.

Mutiria said one of the daughters will also go with him to State House to thank the president.

“I urgeTharaka leaders to help me reach the President in case I am denied access to State House.”

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