Teams probing graft stealing from Kenyans, says Kaguthi

Commissions of inquiry and other committees formed to probe graft in government departments are conduits to steal from Kenyans instead of recovering stolen funds from corrupt officers, Nyumba Kumi Chairman Joseph Kaguthi has said.

The National Committee on Implementation of Citizen Participation in Security in Kenya chair also said institutions mandated to fight corruption are dealing with the wrong way.

Mr Kaguthi, speaking during a training of Administration officers on ICT and security at the Kenya School of Government in Mombasa, warned that the war of words between pro-jubilee politicians and those in opposition was annoying Kenyans.

He said that public prosecution of persons — whether innocent or guilty — was hampering the fight on corruption.

“Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission instead of investigating the way investigators do, it is just a show. You are annoying the whole country,” he said.

Mr Kaguthi who was addressing about 200 chiefs from the coast region urged investigators and auditors to finish investigating and auditing all reports before releasing their findings to the public.

Mr Kaguthi however urged the government to take radical and drastic measures to end the vice.

He said the tax payer is losing a lot of cash due to oversight bodies investigating corruption scandals.

“In most cases, you see parliament, senate, CID, EACC and media are all investigating, and you confuse and annoy all of us. We have lost appetite on the issue of corruption. Politicians now create fodder on it,” he said.

He said both the opposition and politicians in the government are trying to create political hay in order to achieve popularity.

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