Taskforce of 15 experts formed to audit cholera claims at Weston Hotel in Nairobi


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Benard Muia

The Nairobi County government in collaboration with the national government has formed a task force to look into the Weston Hotel cholera outbreak. This comes a day after Governor Evans Kidero directed the city health department to launch a full audit on the members of staff at the hotel.

County Health executive Bernard Muia said a 15-man task force had been put together with the primary objective of finding out whether it was indeed a cholera outbreak and where it could have come from.

“We have established a team to look into the issue. Terms of engagement of the task force will be to find out the causative pathogen and trace back where it could have come from,” said Muia.

The health chief said the team was comprised of members from the Doctors Without Borders, Kenya Red Cross and the city clinic officers, among others. Muia said that despite carrying out numerous tests on the victims who have since been hospitalised, they were yet to confirm whether the disease was cholera.

“The ten doctors that were admitted last week are recuperating well and we wish them a speedy recovery. They are receiving medical attention and we are optimistic they will make full recovery,” added Muia.


10 hospitalised following suspected cholera outbreak at Weston Hotel

Governor Kidero had earlier ordered a full audit of the staff following the outbreak.[Josphat Thiong’o] 


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