Tanzania orders fresh registration of newspapers

Newspapers and magazines in Tanzania have until October 15 to apply for new registration licences.

A government directive revoked permits which allowed them to publish, thanks to the Media Service Act (2016).

The publications in circulation were registered under the Newspaper Act (1976), which was repealed by the Media Services Act.

For the newspapers and journals operating under the old registration system, the government offers a room up to October 15, 2017 to be granted new operating licences, said the Director of Government Information Service, Dr Hassan Abbas.

Dr Abbas said that no newsletter or magazine will be allowed to publish without a new licence after the deadline.

Tanzania currently has around 433 registered newspapers and magazines.

Mid-2016, the government deregistered some 473 newspapers and magazines for being inactive for three consecutive years.

Some 550 publications were targeted in the crackdown, but around 77 newspapers and magazines were spared after they put up a defence.

The victims of the big chop included Alasiri, Dar Leo, Utamu, Raha, Starehe, and Daily Times.

Also not spared were the Financial Times, Wakati, Mbkomozi, and Jamii Express.

New requirement follows enactment of the Media Service Act (2016).

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