Tale Tell Signs Uhuru Lost 8th August Presidential Election To Raila Odinga

By Wisdom KE

Why is president Uhuru so desperate?

If I were Uhuru Kenyatta and I had won the 8th August election fair and square, I wouldn’t;

1. Get mad at the Supreme Court judges to an extent of threatening them with impeachment, Calling them thugs…

2. Spend a lot of money buying opposition politicians like Isaac Rutto, Moses Akaranga et al who had no value to the opposition itself in the last election according to Jubilee…..

3. Pleading with rebel politicians like Peter Munya who we call tumbocrats….

4. Host a number of meaningless meetings with old political rejects in opposition zones in an attempt to solicit support from their regions….

5. Hold rallies and campaign as if the world ends the following day, after all, I won and the numbers are still intact, what’s the worry???

6. Spend hundreds of millions buying IDs from opposition supporters in a bid to disenfranchise them on the day of voting, in other words attempt to reduce opposition numbers….

7. Constantly get drunk and reminding everyone who cares to listen that I am the president. If I won I would be calm because I believe I have the People’s mandate, I wouldn’t crave legitimacy to an extent of addressing a divided Parliament without the judicial arm of the government….

8. Think about impeaching my competitor when he wins the presidency, I wouldn’t need to think of that if I have the numbers…

9. And most importantly, advocate for the retention of the same election officials whose negligence lead to the nullification of my “well deserved win”. I would be at the forefront urging them to leave so that their negligence doesn’t cost me another victory….

But again I’m not Uhuru Kenyatta and & he never won any election so his worry and desperation are justified because he is going to be defeated in the repeat election.


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