I Have what it takes to serve the people of Bomachoge Chache as their MP-Nyangenya Bw’Omanga.

A Diasporan, aspiring to be a MP, has said if given chance he will diligently serve the people of Bomachoge and improve their livelihoods.

My Job Nyangenya Omanga while being interviewed on KDRTV Show, said he has what it takes to serve as the MP for Bomachoge, and bring development to the locals who are yearning for better services from their leaders, whom he claims have abandoned them at their time of need.

He will focus on Health, Education, Delivery of Safe drinking water and improve roads in the constituency which are dilapidated.

He claims his Vision 2020, has done a tremendous job by working with friends in Diaspora and back in Kenya and supplied computers to schools in Bomachoge Chache. He also supplied digital blood pressure Machines and Glucometers which were  not available in the local Health Facilities.

His stellar performance in fighting corruption will ensure all locals will receive development without nepotism in allocating bursaries and any government funded projects.

Mr. Job said that he is ready to serve and be judged by the electorate based on his achievements.


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