Swoop on chemists nets 91 in western Kenya

More than 90 people have been arrested this week in western Kenya for operating chemists without permits.

Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board officials said most of them were not registered with the board and had inadequate training on handling drugs.

Outgoing western Kenya regional head Kibet Chebeo led the onslaught that saw 91 bogus chemists arrested and their premises closed since Monday.

Mr Cheboi said those arrested either appeared in court or faced disciplinary action from a committee instituted by the board, depending on the severity of the offence.

“In cases where we find a registered premise has employed an unqualified person, we may only mete out regulatory action through the committee. But the owners of uncertified premises or professionals in bogus facilities have to answer before the courts,” he said.

Chebeo said the board had mobilised staff from other regional offices to bolster the team in order to intensify the crackdown. 

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