Swazuri’s team to record statements at EACC over SGR land corruption

National Land Commission (NLC) chairman, Mohamed Swazuri


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National Land Commission (NLC) chairman, Mohamed Swazuri

Senior officials of the National Land Commission (NLC) are expected to begin recording statements relating Standard Gauge Railways (SGR) compensation.

This comes as the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) finalises investigations into claims of corruption in the compensation process.

Those expected at Integrity House include all commissioners led by Chairman Muhammad Swazuri (right), vice chair Abigael Mbagaya and CEO Tom Chavangi.

“The investigations are going on well and the officials have been summoned to record statements as from today. EACC sent letters to all commissioners and the other senior managers whose homes were raided,” EACC communication officer Yasin Amaro said.

EACC investigators raided a number of commissioners’ homes last month in search of evidence.


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During the incident, Sh17 million in US dollars and Kenyan currency was recovered from the home of one of the senior officials.

Yesterday Dr Swazuri confirmed that he, all commissioners and directors had been summoned to Integrity House to give their side of the story.

“Yes I have received summons to go to EACC; I have been going there almost every week since the investigations began and I am again going there today, though for a different matter,” he said.

The officials are expected to shed light on claims of compensation to individuals for public land, double compensation, and compensation to people who did not own land acquired for SGR project, excessive compensation as a result of over-valuation and compensation in regard to Kenya Railway reserve land.

Swazuri has been under a parliamentary committee investigation following a complaint by former journalist Mugo Njeru.

Mr Njeru claimed he bribed Swazuri to facilitate compensation for his prime land.

But Swazuri has denied the claims and blamed land cartels of fighting for his removal, insisting the parliamentary committee did not have powers to investigate allegations of bribery and corruption.


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