The Bumpy ride to successful business ownership – Susan Onchoke

Susan Onchoke

By KDRTV Correspondent – Mrs. Susan Onchoke sat down with Mr.Omweri Kebwato and give hints on how to start a successful business venture.

Owning a Business in Kenya is not an easy ride but with determination,  patience and hope you can make it happen.

Mrs. Susan Onchoke is one of those strong willed Kenyans who waited patiently to make ends meet and run a robust and successful business in Kenya.

She started her business from her Kitchen table in Nairobi, Kenya after a short stint in UK and US which she says did not entice her to stay longer.

When she went back to Kenya, she started making Peanut butter as a healthier alternative to margarine. To her Amazement her household and neighbors liked and demanded, for more!

She never had prior knowledge of making peanut butter but learned her tricks on the go.

She also decided to make honey but had no prior experience on how to rear bees, harvest honey and extract it for consumption.

Fortunately, she met a kind and knowledgeable lady in Ngong who taught her how to extract and harvest the honey and make it ready for consumption.

When her products were loved throughout her estate and the neighboring ones, she decided to go commercial.

She went to local supermarkets and expressed her willingness to supply healthy alternatives for margarine, the response was overwhelming but she didn’t qualify to be a supplier because she didn’t have a barcode and KRA license.

With her meager resources, she embarked on a journey to get all the documentation needed to become a supplier to the local supermarkets.

Immediately she got the paperwork she went back but she got a rude shock when she was told to come after a week ,which became a song for almost two years.

She never lost hope and ,finally after two years, she landed  a coveted contract and started to supply healthy products to the local supermarkets.

Her dream is to coach women who are  willing to start businesses across East Africa.

This is her story.

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