Surveyors fault land lease notice

Surveyors have taken issue with the National Land Commission’s notice to the public on illegal land leases.

The Institution of Surveyors of Kenya Chairman Stephen Ambani said the notice has created panic among the public and other stakeholders, and is meant to punish them for innocently following the due process when applying for lease extension.

“The notice is coming at a time when massive grabbing of land is being reported. This shall definitely cause panic and severely affect the economy of this country,” Mr Ambani said.

He observed that the notice points to the deep rooted conflict between the commission and the Lands ministry and it is hurting innocent members of the public.

“We are in this situation because the ministry and the commission have refused to dialogue to resolve the stalemate, legal framework notwithstanding, and one party has unfortunately resorted to unorthodox means to get public support,” Mr Ambani added.

He further noted that the issue can be sorted out through dialogue between the ministry and the commission without necessarily issuing alarming statements.

“The recent Supreme Court advisory opinion to the commission and the Ministry of Lands notwithstanding, we are aware that there is a court case on this matter and it is as if this notice seeks to pre-empt the ruling,” he said.

Mr Ambani went on: “Kenyans are tired of the theatrics and supremacy wars between the two institutions that have caused the members of public anguish.”

“We, therefore, urge the commission to withdraw the notice and engage in meaningful dialogue with the ministry to resolve any issue at hand, failure to which we shall explore other redress channels.”

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