Survey: Presidential race may spark violence

Study in eight regions shows more than 49 per cent Kenyans consider national politics highly volatile.

Nearly half of Kenyans believe the presidential election is likely to trigger violence, a new poll by Infotrak suggests.

The poll commissioned by Integrated Development Network (IDN) and conducted by Infotrak Research and Consulting in eight regions shows more than 49 per cent Kenyans consider the national politics highly volatile.

“Kenyans are generally concerned about the coming elections, but they are worried about the presidential race even more compared to the other position,” said Infotrack CEO Angela Ambitho.

The poll findings released Sunday suggest Nyanza, Eastern and Central regions registered the highest numbers respectively of the belief that the August presidential election is likely to be marred by violence.

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“Over 63 per cent of Nyanza residents, 52 in Eastern and 50 in Central regions believe that national level of election is likely to cause violence,” said Ms Ambitho.

The survey conducted early this month, however, indicates that only 26 per cent of the 1,500 people who were interviewed think that the 2017 General Election will be marred by violence.

“Fifty-five per cent do not think there will be any violence in the coming elections. Central and Rift Valley recorded the lowest number of projected violence in the elections,” she explained.

According to the survey, despite a majority of Kenyans proclaiming their confidence in the ability of the electoral agency to conduct free, fair and peaceful elections, they expressed great disappointment in political parties and their conduct. Kenyans are not happy with the way politicians are conducting themselves in the lead-up to the general election, the research has shown.

“Close to 60 per cent of Kenyans are disgusted by the conduct of politicians during this electioneering period,” noted the Infotrack boss.

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