Supreme Court Ruling: Key BOMBSHELL Findings By Justices Lord Isaac Lenaola, DCJ Lady Mwilu and The Lord CJ Maraga


# #Maraga- The ruling is long and if we read it, we will finish at 6 PM Today. We will read some parts #SupremeRuling

##Isaac Lenaola: The petitioners had filed a petition stating that the IEBC conducted the elections so badly #SupremeRuling

## *IEBC conducted elections SO BADLY that it failed to comply with several sections of the constitution* ~ Justice Lenaola

## Isaac Lenaola: *We could not see how a rejected vote could be used in the computation of the 50% +1 threshold*

##Isaac Lenaola: Elections must reflect will of the people of Kenya & must be conducted in accordance to the constitution

*Justice Philemena Mwilu now reading majority judgement*

_DCJ Mwilu now reads the ruling on whether the August 8 polls were done in accordance with the law._

##Mwilu: The results were beamed on TV screens at IEBC tallying centre with no education of where the results were coming from #SupremeRuling

##DCJ MWILU: IEBC flouted the law and the constitution to the extent that they become the law themselves.

##DCJ MWILU: Raila Odinga’s agents submitted that they were not supplied with Form 34As that were used to declare the results.

##DCJ P. Mwilu: According to the petitioner, the mistakes were deliberate and systematic

##DCJ Mwilu: On our part, elections are not just about numbers., elections are not events but they are processes

##Mwilu: *Elections are not isolated events but a holistic processes that reflect maturities of democracies.*

##DCJ Mwilu: We used to be taught in school that to arrive at solution of a sum, there was always a computation path to do it.

*[email protected] announced results based on Form 34Bs without receiving forms 34As contrary to electoral law provisions.*

##DCJ Mwilu: It is important to note the terms simples, secure, verifiable system are engraved in our constitution

##DCJ Mwilu: While integrity is important, nowhere is it more important than in results counting & tallying.

## *Did IEBC declare results without thousands of forms? Were all results transmitted through kiems?* – DCJ Mwilu

Things are hot at SCOK. IEBC is being destroyed.

## DCJ Mwilu: Petitioners were given read only access to IEBC servers without the option of copying as ordered by SCOK

##Mwilu: having spent billions of taxpayers money, iebc should have backed up their systems

*IEBC produced pre-downloaded logs whose’ source could not be confirmed-* Mwilu

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