SUPKEM urges Kenyans to exercise political tolerance ahead of General Election

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Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) have condemned the recent spate of violence that has been witnessed across the country.

SUPKEM body said they were concerned with the sporadic violence in political campaigns that has threatened peace in the region.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) Member Abdalla Kamwana appealed to Kenyans to exercise political tolerance as the country heads to the polls next month.

“Kenyans should understand democracy is about peaceful contest of ideas and does not habour violence in all forms. It’s indeed sad to see Kenyans across the political divide engage in violence especially during electioneering period, “regretted Kamwana.

He added: “It’s troubling that politics is largely synonymous with violence during political campaigns, Kenyans become reckless with each other and in the process inflict communities with atrocities of unimaginable proportion.”

The Body urged Kenyans to shun violence and in particular refuse to be used by politicians for their own political gains.


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The NEC official also called upon the political leaders to exercise restraint in managing their campaigns by ensuring their supporters conduct their rallies in a peaceful environment.


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