Sunrise Minto Federal Credit Union – part 2

Kdrtv-mm Sunrise Minto Federal Credit Union - part 2Part 2
The much hyped and long awaited Credit Union for Kenyans in North America is due to hit the American Banking market by storm.

The interim team led by a renown University Don, Professor Brian Oenga, were interviewed by the KDRTV International and were ecstatic that the Credit union will meet or surpass the financial needs for Kenyans’needs in the Diaspora.

When asked to give the Credit union’s charter and timeframe, they were very confident that all the requirements to start and run the credit union was on course and just wanted members and would be members to register en masse in order to reap the benefits.

The Credit Union is tailored to offer loans or credits based on members share capital at very competitive rates.

They said that the thorny issues of corruption and accountability will a thing of the past any board member will be elected from the registered shareholders and then will  be vetted by the Federal and State organs to ascertain their eligibility and competency to hold those positions as subscribed by the banking and credit unions act of the Federal and state Government.

The Board will comprise of 11 Members. The interim office bearers are, Prof. Brian Oenga who is acting as the President, Prof. Kepha Otiso who is the acting Secretary, Mr. Makori Moses acting Financial Consultant, Mr. Motanya Bens marketing Department, Geofrey Gichana IT Department and Mrs. Linnet Okemwa, who is acting as the Media Department Liason.

They are planning to launch the Credit union in Minnesota and then roll it across the North American region.

Prof. Oenga reiterated the fact that members are really happy and they’ve already registered over 500 and their target is to reach a minimum of 5000 in a few months time.

Mr. Makori who was tasked to do a market survey is over confident that the survey returned very positive news and this is an overdue idea which was supposed to have been done long time ago and by now members could have reaped the benefits.

Mr. Motanya also was quick to compare the idea to the one’s the Jews in Diaspora has achieved.

You can watch the whole interview Here

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Sunrise Minto Federal Credit Union


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