Striking nurses not sincere, says CS

Public Service Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki has criticised nurses who are on strike saying they should have exhausted all negotiation avenues before boycotting work.

The nurses’ strike is almost getting to one month.

Ms Kariuki argues that even though the Constitution provides workers with rights to withhold services or picket, it also gives every person among other things, the right to the highest attainable standards of health, which includes the right to health care services.

“We appeal to all the parties involved in the ongoing strike to come to the table and reach an agreement in recognition of the spirit of our Constitution,” she said during the signing of a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with civil servants union leaders led by Tom Odege.

Mr Odege who is the outgoing secretary general said nurses in health facilities such as Mathari hospital are on duty but they are being harassed.


“These nurses who are working need security,” said Mr Odege terming the strike as illegal.

The nurses are pushing for the implementation of their CBA.

In the current deal, nursing service allowance will be paid at Sh20,000 for Job Groups G-L while Job Group M and above will get Sh15,000.

Veterinary personnel aid risk allowance will be between Sh5,000 and Sh2,000 per month and health service allowance will be Sh15,000.

For medical officers, dental officers and pharmacists will be paid non-practice allowance of Sh12,000 for Job Group L, Sh19,000 for Job Group M and Sh32,000 for Job Group N.

Clinical officers and nurses will get Sh15,000 for urban, Sh20,000 for rural and Sh25,000 for hardship areas.

Those in Job Groups K, M and N will get between Sh20,000 and Sh25,000 and technologists Sh15,000 to Sh25,000, depending on their area of work.

An employee stationed in any of the designated hardship areas will be paid a hardship allowance of between Sh2,800 for Job Group A and Sh17,000 for Job Group N.


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