Stop frustrating title deed issuance: MP David Karithi

Tigania West MP David Karithi. (Photo Darlington Manyara,Standard)

Issuance of title deeds to the residents of Mbeu, Tigania West flopped Saturday after politics took centre stage.

Tigania West MP David Karithi accused the provincial administration of frustrating the exercise because of his political affiliation.

“I sent the CDF vehicle at the Maua Lands Registry offices to pick the titles in the morning. The offices were closed and later the Registrar in Charge called me saying that the DCC said the titles will not be given out today because they were in a meeting. I have a feeling all these blocks are because I am in the Party of National Unity and they thought Meru Governor Peter Munya would accompany me,” the MP claimed.

About 9,200 residents were to get title deeds but following the politics, the exercise flopped. Area assistant county commissioner Simon Kipkemei, who arrived shortly after the MP had finished addressing the gathering, apologised over the inconvenience adding that the titles will be issued from Wednesday next week. The administrators said the re-organisation of the program was to cater for the huge numbers.

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