Stop embarrassing state with NGOs crackdown, Kuttuny tells Fazul

Attacks on civil society give the government a bad image in the international front, Cherangany MP-elect Joshua Kuttuny has said.

The MP-elect noted the groups employ thousands of Kenyans thereby contributing to the country’s economy.

In this regard, the Jubilee politician asked NGOs Coordination Board executive director Fazul Mahamed to stop frustrating the groups.

“The sector brings more than Sh200 billion into the country annually.Fazul should work more on compliance with the law, not focus on shutting them down.”

Kuttuny said the crackdown on NGOs is uncalled for since the bodies are not a threat to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto.

“They should only be asked to comply with the law. It is important that they be allowed to do their business,” he told journalists on Wednesday.

He added that as much as some of the organisations have been working to undermine the government, they have not been able to stop Uhuru from being re-elected.

The politician asked Uhuru to intervene and ensure the societies remain vibrant but also abide by the country’s laws.

Kuttuny said the international community has strongly supported Uhuru’s re-election hence issues with these groups”should be sorted out without such embarrassing crackdowns”.

The UN and Amnesty International have already asked the government to end the crackdown and allow civil societies to operate freely in the country.

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