Stop attacks on Raila, Nairobi Nasa team tells Uhuru

National Super Alliance (NASA) leaders from Nairobi County have told off President Uhuru Kenyatta over his recent attacks on Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

The leaders have instead asked the President to focus on addressing the failures of the Jubilee administration and come up with concrete manifesto for Kenyans and not make Mr Odinga the agenda in his bid for re-election in the August polls.

To fire the first shot was Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero who challenged the Jubilee administration to tell Kenyans what their new manifesto was since they have “miserably failed to deliver on their promises of 2013”.

“Nasa launched its manifesto yesterday (Saturday) grounded on social justice, elimination of illiteracy, ill health, poverty and poor leadership and basically stresses on making people’s lives better, why don’t you tell us what your agenda for Kenyans will be?” posed Dr Kidero.

ODM Senatorial candidate Edwin Sifuna was scathing in his attack asking the President to own up to his failures and stop clutching on the Nasa flag bearer as his “straw in the face of a drowning regime.”


“We are not going to expect a peaceful elections where you keep on insulting our leaders instead of addressing the failures of this government…you want to turn the agenda of this government to be Raila Odinga instead of telling us why you have been sitting there throwing your hands in the air that you cannot do anything about corruption,” Mr Sifuna said.

He chided President Kenyatta for talking big on promises like laptop to class one pupils, armoured personnel carriers, a wall as a border security, five modern stadiums and other promises that he failed to achieve with their only credit being the escalation of corruption cases in the country.

Mr Sifuna said that the President should not pretend to monopolise the idea of free secondary education saying that the idea was there even during the grand coalition government where Mr Odinga served as the Prime Minister.

“You are not the first person to come up with the idea of free basic education. It was there even during the grand coalition government and so there is no new thing you are trying to tell Kenyans about this,” he said.

The leaders also criticised Mr Kenyatta for trying to reawaken the ghosts of the post-election violence by trying to whip tribal emotions based on the tribal composition of parties arguing that doing so would only lead to ethnic animosity while asking him to conduct his campaigns honourably.

“We would like to reiterate that Kenya is one country with one people and we would wish to urge leaders to refrain from making remarks that could cause tribal animosity,” Nairobi ODM Woman Representative aspirant Esther Passaris.

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