A Kenyan-American family living in Minnesota, USA, is requesting for well-wishers and donors to assist in treating their loved one a Mr. Steven Njogu, who is battling Cancer and the cost for the treatment is a soaring $139,000. The treatment will run for 8 months.

This is the story of 24 year old Steven Njogu who has a will to live as narrated by his 14 year old brother, Andrew Njogu who decided to create a Gofund me page and is appealing for help on his behalf.

Steven loves to make music that uplifts people, he is a giver and overall positive guy, and always looking to encourage everyone he comes in contact with. He’s a brother, a son, an uncle and a dear friend. Initially diagnosed with brain stem glioma on October 2014, he has since began a journey towards healing and needs your help.

Our father was diagnosed of prostate cancer in 2014; that same year, Steven was diagnosed with brain stem glioma. The doctors said they didn’t have a treatment for Steven and suggested putting him in research. Mom wasn’t having it and told them not to. November that year, Steven was sent to california to begin the 11 day nutritional program that Dad had just undergone.

It focused on how to take care of one’s body while undergoing a cleansing with supervision and necessary support. This process cost us approximately $4000. Things seemed well for awhile, but it seemed like whenever Steven was doing better, Dad would be sick, and when Dad was doing better, Steven was having a hard time.

In 2015, Mom discovered a doctor in Texas named Dr. Burzynski. Dr. Burzynksi had and continues to provide promising treatments for patients like Steven whose tumors are inoperable. However, his treatments cost an approximate $17,000 / month and they are not covered by our insurance. Things got worse with Steven and there was a desperate need to do something.

The doctors here said that the only thing they could do for Steven was offer radiation and chemo, and that was only meant to prolong his time a few more months. Mom thought it best to seek treatment rather than prolonging. Together we had to raise funds by starting a campaign on various social networks, all while using all the funds Mom and Dad had saved up.

Steven started the first segment of treatment with no hopes of completion and great things started to happen for Steven. He improved, medication eased the pressure that was making the coordination very hard.

Unfortunately the money ran out and the treatment available was done. That year, our dad also lost his battle. We lost our dad at the end of 2015.

There is no telling the amount of grief we went through and are still going through but we believe in God and hold on to his promises for better times. Our primary hope is to keep on fighting by taking care of my brother Steven. At the beginning of 2016, things were not so bad for Steven. He seemed to be doing much better, but then in the summer his condition began to decline even further.

Grief isn’t helping both Mom and Steven. Mom had to quit her job to help out fully with Steven, and I can’t get a job yet, I’m just doing the best I can around the house while still trying to focus in school.

My sisters are also doing the best they can to be supportive. Steven continues the supplements and nutrition program. He has lived passed the 9 months mark made by the doctors and was on his 2nd year at this point, so we kept waiting and knew we were doing something right.

In August he declined much more. We visited the doctor again here in MN. and they offered radiation as the only option. Being desperate and uncertain about where to turn, Steven was willing to opt-in for radiation and Mom consulted with Dr. Burzynski in Texas for advice. He noted that, since that was the only option they had, they might as well proceed; he offered a medication that could go along with that process. It was hard for Mom looking for the money to get it.

In late 2016, Steven began radiation. He did radiation and took the medications and he looked much better, but Dr. Burzynski still recommended that Steven go back on the suggested treatment plan he had developed, which we believe is what helped sustain Steven, as it had helped before to shrink his tumors. However, it’s too costly for us to continue at this point, and there is no insurance that will cover any cancer treatments other than toxic radiation and chemo. The cost of the original treatment prescribed by Burzynski is $17,000 per month, not including the other expenses that comes along with the process.

We had to wait it out again.

Just last year, in 2017 and after radiation, medications and waiting, we had some more news. Steven was doing great until he began feeling some pain on his back and lower side of his neck. An MRI confirmed a new tumor growing on this neck.

Further MRIs confirmed another tumor growing on his lower back / spine. With a total of now three tumors to date, it’s made Steven’s journey a bit more complex. We saw the radiation doctor again and they told us there isn’t any other treatment that they believe will help him – they simply recommended he continue with the same radiation / chemo combination that would add days to his life while simultaneously inducing eventually fatal side effects.

We have decided it isn’t best for Steven to have to go through that. Steven’s quality of life is very important to both him and to us, and we have decided to go back to the only alternative so far that has shown promise. Steven has a will to live.

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There is help and hope to be had through Dr. Burzynksi, but it comes with a cost and it’s not covered by the insurance. It will cost approximately $139,000 for 8 months of treatment, not including travel expenses, and other external medical expenses not covered by insurance.

I don’t really have a job or any type of work, all I do is help my mom around the house and stuff. With the help of stephens friends I decided to make this GoFundMe page to get help from you guys. My brother Steven has had cancer for 3 years now and now more than ever there is HOPE. Doctors at first gave him 9 months, but he persevered.

Your financial support for this campaign will mean the world to us, anything you can give will help and will be appreciated. Do share your encouragement, your stories and help share his as well. I already lost my father to cancer… and I don’t want to lose someone else I’ve loved so much for years. Please help and donate. Thank You & Blessings.
#FaithWithSteven #HopeForSteven

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