Step up momentum to form super alliance, Mudavadi urges opposition

Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi on Sunday asked his opposition colleagues in Cord and Kanu to step up the momentum to craft the National Super Alliance to defeat the Jubilee Party in next year’s polls.

Mr Mudavadi said he had vigorously campaigned to popularise the alliance idea but the response from other opposition colleagues was lukewarm.

The leader did not, however, name the opposition leaders he said appeared to have lost enthusiasm for the idea.

He said trade unions representing teachers and workers and other groups involved in activism should be brought on board to strengthen the envisaged alliance.

“I’m asking my opposition colleagues to stop dithering about the idea of the super alliance and get down to serious negotiations so that we can send Jubilee packing,” he said.

The only way the opposition could remove Jubilee from power, he said, was by uniting to form a formidable alliance to identify a credible candidate to contest the presidency.

Mr Mudavadi, who spoke at a fundraiser for Mutingongo Church of God in Malava constituency, said Kenyans should teach the Jubilee administration a lesson by voting it out of power for protecting individuals involved in corruption.

“Jubilee owes Kenyans an explanation on the loss of billions of shillings in the NYS (National Youth Service) scam and the Ministry of Health scandal. This government cannot be trusted to continue being in power after next year because of its poor record in fighting graft,” said Mr Mudavadi.


He said it was unfortunate Jubilee was spending huge resources to “weaken the opposition” to avoid criticism for wrongdoings.

Kakamega deputy governor Philip Kutima asked the Luhya to back Mr Mudavadi for the presidency.

Prof Kutima, who is the Kakamega County ODM chairman, said Mr Mudavadi was a respected politician from western and stood a good chance of clinching the top seat.
“I may not be a member of ANC but as a Luhya I would be very happy if you clinched the presidency in 2017 since you are our best bet as a community,” said Prof Kutima.

The ANC chief said the negative effect of the heavy borrowing of loans by the government was beginning to slow down the economy and affect the agricultural sector.

“The prices of maize and milk have begun going down when the cost of inputs is unaffordable for our farmers who keeping toiling to earn livelihood,” said Mr Mudavadi.

He said it was unfortunate that Jubilee was spending huge resources to try and weaken the opposition to avoid criticism for wrongdoings committed by government officials.

Mr Mudavadi said the leadership of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions has been targeted by Jubilee for pointing out mistakes in government.

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