‘Statehouse’ Move To Destroy Supreme Judge Philomena Mwilu BACKFIRES BADLY as ‘Power Couple’ Story Receives Positive Reviews

Kamasasa E reporting

Just after the supreme Court nullified Uhuru’s win, the newspapers have decided to inform us that my Busia Senator and DCJ Mwilu is one love item. It’s not that they started exchanging their waist fires last week, NO. They have been an item since 1997.

I won’t mind the timing of this story on today’s Nairobian (the Standard Sister newspaper). Something knocks my head. It’s DCJ Mwilu who defended polygamy some months ago when the issue was brought to her attention. Now, I know. She is the defacto second wife to my Senator.

Congrats Senator Wako for nailing down such bright and firm woman. To the Luhya nation, you have scored. We will reward you with another 5yr term as our Senator come 2022. You have proved to the community, to the African world that you are still energetic, jovial and warm at heart. You are still able to ‘see’ and single out the green gazing field. You are still sharp. Your social prowess is up beat. Represent us all Busia Luhyas in the love life of DCJ Mwilu. Don’t mind about haters. You have my mandate to continue rocking that heart of the great Kamba beautiful lady, Mwilu.

All the best my Senator. We are organising a champagne party for you!

Meanwhile Statehouse operatives are quiet of Jacton B Ojwang’s wife who happens to be a Jubilee life member and serves as Uhuru’s principal secretary, check out the day Ojwang was so ashamed to disclose that his wife is Jubilee life member and had sought to contest for Senate seat on Jubilee ticket.

Jubilee are equally quiet of the close relationship of Justice Njoki with Uhuru allies David Murathe and one Chris Murungaru…


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