LEAKED: STATEHOUSE Forced Chebukati To Fire PA Dr Gekara Muoni Because He Is Kisii, Nothing To Do With Leaks To NASA.

Gekara Muoni has been fired as IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati’s personal assistant. Sources who did not want to be named said Dr Gekara was sacked for allegedly leaking confidential material from the chairman’s office.

Dr Gekara hails from Gusii’s Nyamira county and was fired purely tribal grounds and not any substantial proof, the whole world Chebukati is incompetent and Dr Gekara has been a force behind Chebukati, we don’t know how the Chairman will function. Gekara is diligent and cannot leak confidential info, this is a tribal witch-hunt

A confidential source told this writer that Statehouse and specifically DP Ruto was angry by the constant IEBC leaks to opposition, a call from a powerful aide to President Kenyatta is what sealed Dr Gekara’s fate. DP Ruto is also said to have told Chebukati to look no further than his own office for information leaks.

Statehouse has profiled most independent and diligent Kisii professionals as NASA sympathizers mainly those in IEBC and most have been transffered to NASA strongholds where they cannot add much value to Jubilee numbers. Dr Gekara and commissioner Dr Roselyne Akombe have been on Statehouse radar for a while now.

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