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STATEHOUSE CRISIS: Angry Uhuru Ignores Political Advisors, Makes Grave Mistakes That PR Cannot Cure, Check List

President Uhru’s Jubilee party is making significant goofs in the campaign at this late hour akin to shooting itself in the foot one too many. From the president appearing in public while ‘tipsy’, scratching bottoms/unpresidential, referring to former PM Rt Hon Odinga as Mnganga, telling a public gathering that he doesn’t need Kisii votes among others. Herebelow is a list goofs;

#1. You do not urge NASA to go to court after IEBC declaration if aggrieved but once they do justice is pronounced in which election is nullified, you go ballistic and call Maraga all sorts of unprintable adjectives. Any arguments that you make after the ruling could be pointing to either inability of your team to adequately canvass for those arguments in court, or that such arguments were examined and found to hold no water.

#2. You do not tell Kenyans that if Raila beats Uhuru that you will impeach him. You send wrong signals as unsteady, unprincipled and self-serving regime bent on perpetuating its hegemony at whatever cost without regard to what is good for Kenyans.

#3. You do not tear down Raila that he is merely a candidate and that you are the President until the next one is elected and expect Maraga to leave you alone as he also exerts his authority that he is President of the Judiciary and only sees you as the person he ordered to return the certificate to IEBC.

#4. You do not go around the country gloating over the number of seats that got from across the country when those numbers will soon be a matter of court appeals and their disdain could turn into a protest vote in which you are locked out of regions to the last vote.

#5. You do not gather people from various parts of the country to the house on the hill and think that taking selfies with them and giving them transport back home would appease their ancestors and turn the tide. Some of these leaders may have lost relevance and impact on their communities and can only serve as inhibitors in the ammonia production plant of politics.

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