State House hits back at Raila, says ODM is corrupt

State House on Tuesday evening called out on opposition outfit ODM for “deflating” own weaknesses by criticising his government achievements.

In a reaction to ODM’s latest censure after the Jubilee administration launched a new website to tabulate its achievements since taking power in 2013, State House said the opposition party led by Raila Odinga had panicked and ran out of ideas to counter the facts.

“Why is ODM afraid of the government’s achievements? What does ODM find frightening about expanded access by Kenyans to improved social services?” President Uhuru Kenyatta’s team posed.

The beef with ODM was that the party was annoyed with the Presidency’s launch of information portal, which State House had said would create a nationwide discussion on the progress the government had made in implementing projects and informing Kenyans about them.

This was meant to be a ‘two-way’ access to information policy, where Kenyans are to inquire and get responses on progress, State House had indicated.

But ODM argued the new portal duplicates what other websites, Huduma, MyGov and State House, have been doing.

In fact ODM claimed the information on the new portal has filtered out information on progress of prosecuting those involved in the corruption scandals that have hit the Jubilee administration which it claimed had gobbled up Sh300 billion in four years.

In a bitter rejoinder, the President’s team claimed ODM was diverting attention and argued corruption was the only language ODM understands, and listed scandals Mr Odinga, as Prime Minister, allegedly looked the other way when his associates’ hands were caught in cookie jars.

“ODM wishes that every successful government project was a corruption scandal. Therefore, ODM believes that any resources spent on development is a wasted.

“To deflect attention from their many dangerous shortcomings, ODM loudly and falsely criticise Government achievements,” said PSCU.

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