Stanley Livondo wanted in court for storming contested property

Jubilee Party Senate aspirant for Kakamega County Stanley Livondo

Political wheeler-dealer Stanley Livondo has been summoned to court in a case in which forensic experts are investigating howhe allegedly forced his way into a suit property in violation of a court order.

Justice Grace Nzioka, who is handling the insolvency suit involving Magman Enterprises Limited and Jamii Bora Bank Limited has demanded that investigations be hurried. She directed that Livondo and the parties in the suit be present in court when a report on an alleged forged court order that allowed an administrator appointed by the bank to close down the premise in Mlolongo, is made in court.

Livondo was sucked into the case when he stormed the premise, which had been taken over by the administrator, Ponangipalli Rao, on the strength of the questioned order.

The judge had earlier issued an order of maintenance of status quo until the insolvency row is resolved.

Inspector Martin Muli, who is investigating the case, said he has “recorded five statements so far” and asked for more time to complete his investigations.

The case revolves around Magman Enterprises, which is insolvent over a loan from Jamii Bora Bank that had appointed Mr Rao as the administrator.

Livondo has been storing a truck at Magman Enterprises’ grounds where the firm runs a shoe making factory.

He says the truck was being improved in readiness for the 2017 General Election campaigns. The politician has declared hisinterest in the Kakamega Senate seat.

“My reason for being at the factory on February 28, 2017 was due to reports that my truck was being illegally used by staff of the alleged administrators without my permission as a resting place,” says Livondo.

A director of Magman, Magdaline Njihia, states in an affidavit that despite the pending case on the insolvency, Rao breached peace and normal operation of her business by procuring a gang of youth who shut her premise in the name of administration.

“I am aware that on February 21, 2017, five goons and two security guards appeared at the business premise at Travel House Building in Nairobi in the name of supervising the business activities,” the affidavit reads.

Rao is accused of being misled to station security personnel at the premise, which Livondo stormed to get his truck. Livondo has denied he was accompanied by a gang, but only his driver.

The case will be mentioned on April 4.

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