Squatter births triplets, calls them Mandago, Shollei and an MP-elect after failing to vote

A woman who delivered triplets on August 8 and hence could not vote has named the children after the leaders she would have voted for in Uasin Gishu.

Winnie Ngetich, 36, – a squatter living on land belonging to the Moi Barracks recruits training school in Eldoret – amazed her relatives with the move.

She delivered a baby boy and two girls named after Governor Jackson Mandago, woman rep Gladys Shollei and Turbo MP-elect Janet Rotich respectively.

“I would have voted for the three leaders if I got the chance but after I delivered the children, I thought it wise to name them after those I supported.”

The woman had delivered twins in the past and currently has nine children. They live in a grass-thatched house at Kamagut village.

“My twins are aged five years and God has also blessed me with the triplets to add to my other children,” the woman, who was full of smiles, said.

Chebet says she at one time contemplated killing two of her children because of poverty but she thought of people who are childless.

“I told myself that God knows why he has blessed me with such a family and that he will provide for them,” she says.

Since they were born, neighbours and friends have been visiting the home to rejoice with the family.

Chebbet says the children are now a blessing to her adding that she will now resort to family planning so as not to conceive again.

“I feel strong. Doctors said I can give birth as many times as I want. But I now content with the bundles of joy I have,” she said.

Her husband Samson Ngetich, who is a farm labourer in the area, said he was excited about the birth of the triplets.

“They are a blessing from God. I will work like a man to take care of my family,” said Ngetich.

He said he voted for the same leaders and allowed his wife to name the children after the three leaders.

Ngetich said the three had promised to deal with problems facing the squatters in the area.

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