Sonko alleges rigging plot as name not in Jubilee party list

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko who is aspiring to the next city governor on a Jubilee ticket has alleged a plot by his party to rig him out by preventing his supporters from voting in the primaries.

In a sensational claim he made after he cast his ballot on Wednesday, Mr Sonko said that certain names have been “strategically omitted” from the party list in places where his supporters were to vote.

“The party must allow everyone who is registered by the IEBC to vote,” he argued.

The Senator was allowed to vote at Bidii Primary School despite his name missing from the Party list.

But he claimed other voters had been barred for the same reason.


“I had received assurances that in case the name misses on the party register, one should be allowed to vote using the IEBC register.

“You cannot blame the voters for missing on the party register. They have no right to deny my supporters the right to vote in the nominations,” he insisted.

The senator, who is battling for the Jubilee ticket with former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth, said he expected the party to follow the law.

His rival had earlier claimed that there was no uniformity in the voting and that there were numerous irregularities.

However, Mr Sonko claimed the irregularities were targeting his support base where names were not on the register.

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