Some Sh3 billion recovered from corrupt individuals, Uhuru says

In his final State of the Nation address before the country goes to the August elections, President Kenyatta exuded confidence that his government was winning the war against corruption.

He attributed the success to the enactment of stringent laws and the establishment of agencies to coordinate the fight against the vice.

Some Sh3 billion has been recovered from corrupt individuals, President Kenyatta said on Wednesday.

“Coming into government in 2013, we knew that eliminating corruption would be a journey on a rocky path. We started the journey by pledging to strengthen our legal processes,” he said during a special sitting of the National Assembly and Senate.

Mr Kenyatta noted that there were 90 special prosecutors handling economic crimes cases while the chief justice has established a special anti-corruption and economic crimes division of the High Court and appointed 13 special magistrates.

Businesses and companies deemed to be corrupt have been barred from doing business with government, he said.

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