Solve Msando killing to end murderous impunity

The killing just a few days before the August 8 General Election of IEBC information technology manager Chris Msando, was without any doubt one of the most critical moments in this year’s electoral process.

Mr Msando had been expected to play a major role in managing the technological aspect of the election to ensure, among other things, that the transmission of the results was foolproof.

Well, he did not live to see the fruits of his apparently meticulous preparations. On Saturday, the man was laid to rest at his rural home in Siaya County, but his name will continue to feature prominently in the presidential election petition filed in the Supreme Court by the National Super Alliance.

Perhaps, had Mr Msando not been tortured and strangled to death, the election could have gone on seamlessly and the country would have been spared the agony of yet another hotly disputed election.


It is not surprising, therefore, that the murder has in the minds of many Kenyans been linked to the conduct of the elections even as police investigation continues.

The speculation over the brutal murder has a lot to do with the timing, occurring so close to the elections in which he was expected to execute a vital function.

It is, therefore, encouraging to note that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations appears to be pursuing what they believe to be credible links, resulting in the arrest of some suspects.

However, this happening several weeks later is rather slow progress, considering the recent heavy investment in surveillance cameras in Nairobi. 


Mr Msando’s body was found in a thicket alongside that of an acquaintance, who was also strangled to death.

These deaths have left the two families in deep pain and anguish. The families deserve to know just what transpired even though the loss of their loved ones cannot be reversed.

However, in a country with many cases of the unsolved murders of prominent people, including top government officials, the scepticism about ever bringing the culprits to book is palpable.

The only way to break up this murderous impunity is to not just promise to leave no stone unturned in the investigation, but to also remove all the boulders blocking access to the truth.

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