Social media users react to Alliance High bullying complaints

Kenyans on the Internet were horrified after details leading to the early retirement of a principal in one of the country’s leading schools emerged.

The brutal stories of bullying and mistreatment of Form One students at the Alliance High School have left many with a bitter taste in their mouths and they have posted different reactions social media after photos of one of the victims became public.

Many feel that the punishment meted out against the principal was too lenient and more action should be taken to curb the vice.

Kendi Kiruki said, “The boy child has been taught how to bottle up his feelings. The society needs to tell him it’s okay to speak out. Reason many men will succumb to depression compared to women.

Jail those crooks. Jail the administration!”

“Bullying to me is primitive, hivyo ni vitu vimepitwa na wakati (it’s a thing that has been overtaken by events). The boys responsible should be prosecuted!” Doreen Nyar Magda posted on her Facebook page.

“Bullying should be a criminal offence with an imprisonment of 3 years,” Matz Kemb agreed.

Michael Mutsembi posted, “This is totally wrong, police must pick up with the case, and the principal who has been seeing this happening must also be send to jail, Matiangi also should form special committee to check out what is going in schools.”

“I think we it’s better we do away with boarding schools in Kenya,” suggested Barry Liuva.

Some revealed that the occurrence had been going on for years. Apparently, the phenomenon has been happening in boys’ boarding schools and many have suffered silently through it.

Noni Muturi posted, “Ooh, am not in shock. We used to interact with this school so much back when I was in high school and the horrific tales you would hear…Jesus Christ….anyway what one does in darkness will come to light.”

Rebecca Nduta revealed that, “A family friend’s son was taken to one of these big schools after one term he refused to back there and he wouldn’t say why. Irrespective of the pressure from his family he totally refused to go back and said ata heri shule ikae (he’d rather not go to school at all). Then he was transferred to a local day school na akaitikia alisoma vizuri (and he agreed to study hard) and performed very well. I am thinking bullying is what made him refuse to go back to that school.”

“The problem here is the head teacher. I was a head boy in a certain school and the teachers were inciting us against our fellow students and made us(prefects)feel like ‘kings’ and this led to the burning of the school…So the administration should take the blame,” Prince Darling shared his story.

Many ‘netizens’ were simply just shocked by the vicious things done to the students in the dead of night with the full knowledge of the school’s administration.

“Why should young boys be made to sleep on graves? The school administrators should be sent to jail without trial. How do they violate these children’s rights & innocence like that?” Jackie Muthoni Ndichu wondered.

Some social media users seemed to be condoning the incident.

“Not a big deal. Boys will be boys,” Nico Kimari Ndonye posted.

Kabz Jomo Bellavista said, “This induction happens in most top schools, but only for one day, and no beatings, just military punishments like squatting, push-ups, rolling on the floor etc… More like an initiation. In this case they went overboard.”

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