So you want to open a butchery? What you’ll need

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1. Capital

Like with any other business, you’ll need some money to set up a butchery. According to Paul Mwangi, the owner and proprietor of Kwality Hotel & Butchery, for a basic outlet, you will need a minimum of Sh50,000.
“Going by how you want your premises to look like when starting, make sure you have enough money to cater for the basic needs of your business. At least make sure you have Sh50,000 when starting,” he says.
To get off the ground, Timothy Rotich of Tim’s Meat Point says your business just needs a meat cabinet, cutting block and butchers’ knives. You can get away with not having a freezer if you minimise your stock to just what customers demand.

2. Good location

The location of a butchery matters a lot, and this will in part be dictated by the type of meat you want to sell. There are areas that are predominantly inhabited by people who don’t consume certain types of meat. Also, make sure you are near a large pool of customers, and have access to sufficient water and power to minimise losses from spoilage.
Frank Anatwa, who runs a butchery in Nairobi’s South B estate, says in the right location, a small outlet can bring in Sh20,000 a day.

3. Operating licences

You will require business, food handling and fire safety certificates from county authorities. This will cost you a minimum of Sh26,000.

4. A trusted supplier

You will need to identify an abattoir to be buying meat for resale from. Mwangi says you must ensure the places you work with are certified and stick to strict hygiene standards to protect your customers. Ensure you own or can hire good transport to keep the meat fresh when it’s in transit.

What you don’t need

1. A variety of meats

A butchery can stock all sorts of meat, but if you’re just starting out, you don’t need to give customers a whole lot of variety. Go with the most popular meats, including beef and chicken, and slowly build up the options as the business grows.

2. Employees

A butchery business can be staffed by just the owner. Guchu Mbuthia, who runs Nyama Safi Butchery, adds that you can hire a casual labourer to help out with chores.

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